About Us

I9 is a startup that is formed with a Combination of two industrial and Information Technology experts.

In 2014, After analyzing the market in Iran and its requirements in various areas such as Industrial valves, HVAC equipment, Fluid pumps, Power Generators and …, we have decided to run this startup to introduce a better, easier, and more efficient way for purchasing industrial products along with aftersales services.

Since then we have faced so many challenges on the way, but successfully we could create a platform including connected stock and logistic services, software, sales call center, online marketing, and of course we have made a good money turnover, so far.

In the beginning, I9 was only a small office with a few employees, while nowadays its main office is located in the best location of Tehran and so many people are working there side by side.

Our next step would be expanding our group. To achieve this goal we will welcome industrial companies’ cooperation and investors all over the world respectfully.

Are you a Colleague or owner of industrial goods?  If you want to sell your products on i-9 website, you can contact us or fill out the form at this link. Our experts would call you as soon as possible.

Why customer relations and expert advice are so important to us?

Unfortunately, in many cases, customers deal with people who do not have sufficient technical expertise to advise for purchasing. It even gets worse when they abuse the customer’s trust and sell them whatever costs more! This issue is more evident in the industrial field and will incur exorbitant costs like Additional costs, non-functional products, substandard and counterfeit material for the customers.

I9 has solved this problem! First, the relevant expert in each field will be responsible for you with the necessary specialized knowledge. second, the technical unit of i9 always observes the sold products and services that were provided and takes action if necessary.  If there is a problem with the product that is sold, the customer will be notified before sending and in the case of cancellation from a customer, the entire amount paid will be returned.

Why the real price of products?

When a customer buys a product for the first time?  He/ She does not know the price. This is the best situation for frauds to sell the product at any price. Apart from the immorality of this issue, we believe that customer will find out the price later on. If this happens before or after purchasing, the result is the same in both cases: the customer’s trust will be taken away from the i9 Brand.

Why the real price of products?

We have always had the most cooperation with our loyal returning customers and we believe, building trust in the customers cause them to return, in addition to expanding cooperation between the parties, eventually made i9 bigger and better known, so in this regard, we have established some strict rules for pricing in this group.

What is the after-sales service like?

i9 serivicesThis section is one of the most important fields in building trust among customers. I9 officially declares on products that have a warranty, in case of breakdown, will accept the sold product and return the paid amount to the customers (or replace it with another product). But this is not the whole story, sometimes, the customers do not know how the products work or their installation and they need more help. Some of these problems can be solved on the telephone but furthermore, in some cases, it is necessary to visit the site for installation and support. Here in I9 we have a whole section for it!

March 2021

Last day of last month if last century ( Iran’s official calender )! over the pas year, the i9 group has experienced unpleasant memories which were caused by the coronavirus and is ready to enter the new year with the assurance that the situation will get better.

September 2020

One of the most memorable days of i9 that we celebrated the 6th birthday of this group! We have been with you for 6 years and thank you for not leaving us alone in difficult days!!!

December 2019

On this date, we have moved from Pasdaran to Nelson Mandela. With the enlargement of the head office, the possibility of more activities and services were provided for our dear customers!

March 2017

The celebration for the last day of the year. Back then there was no such thing as Corona Virus!

September 2015

Many years ago on this day, i9 was Founded in Pasdaran. Although the experience of head masters in this group go to many years ago in the form of selling items traditionally, in this year they decided to enter the field of online and virtual sales of products.